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HB International - Retail Solutions Leader since 1995

HB International is a leading supplier of retail management solutions. Centara is the flagship product, which has been sold and installed on over 50,000 POS worldwide. HBI draws on over two decades of experience and active participation in developing international standards for retail technologies.

Our core product focus is robustness, reliability, flexibility and ease of use. This enables our customers significant efficiency gains and financial savings through a proven set of tools that allow all retailers to gain greater control of the sales process. Our solutions are used by companies of most sizes in most sectors of retail and hospitality.

Designed to be extremely flexible and scalable, our products function just as well in a single store as in a chain of hundreds of stores.

Management upside

asset-4 Point of sale employees enjoy a flexible user experience, robust transaction handling and secure handling of payment clearing in front of customers.

asset-3 Operations and category managers benefit from a super flexible discount building capability, loyalty program management and centralized access to all store business information.

asset-2 Managers and supervisors enjoy access to business reporting data for management reporting, analysis and comparison.

asset-1 IT Administrators benefit from the cloud-based architecture that allows for centralized management and configuration of stores, tills, discounts, and other metadata types. Our plug-in architecture is designed to implement special customer requirements to the solution.

Product Brochure

Product specification

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